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 Not quite caught up with the news but now I’m only a day behind as I try to get myself back on a proper sleep schedule. I tried to do so last week but from Thursday to Friday I tossed and turned for four hours before going “screw it” and getting up. I’ll have to endure nights where I barely get any sleep in order to accomplish this but not having a full night’s rest isn’t fun to go through, so sorting that out might take a while, if ever. At least I don’t have to stay up at all hours to catch up anymore and so I could leave myself plenty of wiggle room to watch the minimal I need to before I go to bed at a semi-reasonable time. So far, adjusting from the tiredness means I barely get through the minimal I do have, which is frustrating so far. I hope, if and when I can stabilize my sleep schedule, to be able to make time for other matters including shows, stories and writing. Fingers crossed that happens.

Speaking of the latter pair, I went to a barbeque for prospective students at Albertus Magnus College. It wasn’t a confirmation I was in but decided to go to maybe meet up with and socialize with the teachers and fellow students. I ended up being listless and demotivated through most of the stay. Maybe it was the loud music that made it hard to hear or be able to sit with most of the crowd or the slightly humid weather. Maybe I just don’t do well with those kinds of social settings. Whatever the case, I was just waiting for it to end so I could come home. We did a tour of the campus, which gave me some good exercise, and might be useful if I could remember it, but I have the sense I won’t be visiting too many of the sights we toured. Apparently, the MFA program takes place around one building, so I mightn’t move too far from that. At any rate, we’ll see how that goes.

And I speak as though I’m already confirmed because as of June 26, I got an acceptance letter. I was a bit happy but my parents were more thrilled. Sent emails accepting the acceptance to Albertus Magnus people and thanked the Quinnipiac professor for the recommendation letters. I just need to wait for information on the kinds of classes I can and should take in the fall as a part time student. I’m not sure what online and weekend classes will be like but hopefully I’ll better learn my craft as a writer. As I’ve said before, I haven’t been showing my writing much to anyone else, so writing and showing stories to others to improve them will be interesting. Until then, I’ll write as usual and find a new routine for it.

Cut for fic babble, and spoilery Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants reviews )

I’m going to leave the Appmon reaction for a future post. That’s all I can think of to talk about for now. I got a nice air conditioner in my room retrieved from a relative to help with the global warming heat. By the end of July, I’ll hopefully post another chapter of my We Will Hold On Forever fanfic, stabilize my sleep schedule, and arrange my Albertus Magnus affairs into proper order. Until then, see you! 

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Starting today, will be posting my individual reactions to Appmon episodes here. If you want to see my reviews from before, go here. (Admittedly, that thread contains mostly my reactions instead of others. Hopefully my enthusiasm hasn't smothered other people reviewing there) Moving on:

Is A.I. running everything a good thing? )

Next episode is about Eri training for another Idol event. I wonder how L Corp and Levithan might influence or screw things up.

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 It’s the end of May and I finally did the walk for graduation from Quinnipiac University. It was an okay affair but it was hard to see who was speaking through the sea of heads and hats. I couldn’t see my parents in the audience, though granted I didn’t look around much. This was more for my family’s sake than my own, as I was kind of bored and waiting for it to end. I was glad to finally get my diploma or whatever it’s called and get out of there. Admittedly, I should have stayed put and waited for my parents to retrieve me but I either didn’t know what to do next and followed automatic pilot in everyone getting out of there or I wanted to get out of there. That left me with the irritating situation of waiting outside for my parents to come while they looked for me inside. Call reception was terrible but I was able to find a landmark and tell them to meet me there. I met my advisor and professor and we talked about the Albertus Magnus application process for a bit before I reunited with my parents. 

I was tired and wanted to go home, so I can’t recall putting much effort in smiling for photos. My father a few days later came to me saying he wasn’t “trying to break my balls” but gave me a several minute speech about how I should put more effort into faking smiling for photos since I look too grumpy and murderous in mine. They want special photos where I’m happy. I understand where he’s coming from, but it only reinforced why I don’t like taking pictures. I don’t like being told to smile, it’s annoying and it’s like being told what to feel. Not to mention my default expression is somewhere around neutral and I’m not sure what expression I’m making, so smiling mightn’t always come out right like with my latest photo ID. Granted, the photographers can and do school me into the right type of smile, as with my graduation photo. Though there, I merely asked if my smile was appropriate. Maybe I could smile more for photos for my family but the others would have to tell me if it’s the right and nonawkward kind of smile. Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with having another picture taken of me for awhile so I won’t have to deal with the issue much.

The final letter of recommendation for my application to get into Albertus Magnus has finally been submitted. I’d have hoped for it to be submitted before the end of May but the professor I tapped to write the letter has presumably busy with work and other writer things. Fortunately, he apparently had it in his calender and was on time. Rolling admissions meant that I had another month or two to have everything submitted but that meant any response might take longer. Whatever the outcome, I’m glad this process is finally done with so it isn’t hanging over my head.

Was also supposed to do the volunteer job onsite this week but due to communication difficulties, I wasn’t able to do so and all of the options got rapidly booked up. I admit, I waffled on which ones to take, since I didn’t know what my preferences were when asked. Fortunately, the person in charge gave me contact list to copy down to excel and was able to show off what I can do from there. The next time the selections come up, I’ll try to choose at least one a week for the weeks that are available. Which from each week I’ll choose might be a bit trickier, especially since I’ll have to coordinate with my helper for when she’s available to drive me to and from there. I’ll see how that works out, especially for my resume.

Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Appmon )

That’s all for now. I’m thinking of posting my individual Appmon episode reactions here as well, since they can be more eloquent. Hopefully by June’s end, I’ll fully be caught up on news and made some fic progress. Until then, see you!. 

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Next month will be the time I take the walk for graduating from Quinnipiac University. I technically don’t have to do that to graduate but it’s an obligation to my parents. I’d have to get up really early on a weekend in order to do all of that stuff and I’ve only just attempted to get back on a good sleep schedule. Hopefully it won’t be too grueling. And speaking of education, I should hopefully have all my submission information for Albertus Magnus College’s MFA program put in by later this May. Just need to prod the second Letter of Recommendation writer to send his letter in on time, do the headings for the documents, and compose my writer’s resume and it’ll be all set. My mom thinks that I might actually get accepted this time unlike with Southern CT’s MFA program. We’ll see about that. As soon as the last item’s submitted, it’ll be out of my hands, and I wouldn’t have to worry about it until an announcement one way or the other comes, which I’m told will likely be quick since May’s early in the submission process.

In the meantime, going to work at another volunteer job. It’ll be basically be about doing office work and data entry. Some of the latter can be done at home, but it’s expected I should do that work in the office, the closest instance of me getting out into the community. I hope this leads me to eventually getting a paid job. These volunteer positions often seem like a racket. At least this will be work that won’t be too challenging for me, or require too much socialization. I can even do some of it on a computer where I can listen to the news or music. The person who helps me arranged for this, and is going to transport me to the job location. I don’t know if I’ll continue working if and when I start doing classes for Albertus Magnus but we’ll see. Writing stories for school can occupy a lot of time and it’d do not to have too many distractions.

Cut for fic babble, and potentnial spoilers for the Power Rangers movie and Appmon )

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, an hour or so from going to bed, and thought of an amusing line for a fic and wondering how I can look to real life events for plot inspiration so I wouldn’t be too formulaic. I often take inspiration from other matters or other shows, so great to have variety. Hopefully by May, I’ll be mostly caught up on news. Until that time, see you!

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 I went to the Albertus Magnus open house on March 1st with my mother. Finding a parking space and where the open house was taking place was a challenge but we got there in time. The MFA person who came to meet us with nice and answered all of our questions. Though some of the staff might be unfamiliar with genre work, they were open to it and they clarified some of the admission policies rules that were important. For example, one thing to do was to write about my “Writer’s Journey.” There’s a book with that title but they actually meant what are the influences that formed my writing style. That should be easier than rushing through a long book and giving my reaction to it. My influences are mostly those from different story mediums, so that’s going to be interesting.

Judging from the meeting with the MFA director, they are okay with that kind of thing. I had a talk with her this Wednesday and she was pretty friendly, explaining the program and working toward a completed novel manuscript by the time I graduate. She indicated my genre preferences wouldn’t be that odd among those in the program. My writing’s pretty solid from her perspective even with the occasional grammar mistakes and that wouldn’t be a deal breaker when I submit my application to them (Though I’ll still have that looked over). At the beginning of April, I’ll have to cut back on some of my writing time in order to tackle the essay about my writing journey and influences. I’m aiming to submit everything by May and the word count is between 750 and 1000 words, around three to four double-spaced pages, so it wouldn’t take too long. However, I want to get started early so I wouldn’t be scrambling at the last minute. I’ll get a quick response, so one way or another I’ll know if I’m going to graduate school this fall.

Fic talk, and spoilers for Kong Skull Island and Digimon Universe Appli Monster )

That’s all I can think of for now. In the meantime, see you! 

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 I might have a chance to go to another college MFA program. There’s one at Albertus Magnus College not far from where I live and the description so far indicates they might be open to genre. Then again, their definition of “genre” might be different. The program and college in general seems a mix of online and in-person classes. Though I prefer the latter, I wouldn’t mind doing online classes if they would get me some additional education in fiction writing. My mom and I have questions about the Application rules that include if we can reuse Southern material. If we must do original work, that might cut into my writing time and delay some fics. Whatever the case, we plan to clarify things at the open house March 1st. We’ll see if this avenue’s viable for me then.

I’m only three months behind on the news now. Depending on my sleep schedule, within a month and a half, I would be already caught up. That’s good, since that would leave me more time to watch other shows and do one or two house responsibilities. Dad prodded me to get into the routine of putting dishes away. I don’t mind, since it only takes five or ten minutes. I surmise it’s time to edge my way into such responsibilities. Hopefully they won’t cut too much into my story watching/reading or writing time. I’m a story lover, so it’d suck if I could barely squeeze that into my schedule.

Other stuff )

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m going to see if I can start to have a consistent sleep schedule starting tonight. I won’t hold my breath but I’ll try my best. I’ll update at the end of March. Until then, see you!

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Well, it turns out I didn’t get into the Southern MFA program after all. I knew they focused on literary rather than genre but from how the head of the program talked when I met him, they seemed flexible and I wanted to be honest about who I was and what subject matter I tackled. It turned out that I was apparently too genre to fit in the program. They said if I could switch my focus to literary, I could try again in another semester, but I’m not sure. Most of my ideas fit into genre, so I don’t know if the right decision is to grit my teeth and have to right in a literary style for a few years in order to get by in the world or be true to myself and go elsewhere. If I decide to not have another go at the Southern MFA program, that leaves limited options if I want to continue living at home. There is an online class that my Quinnipiac adviser suggested which I might look into. I never did online classes before, so I don’t know what they would entail. I would be strange to do things without being in the physical presence of an instructor. Still, first time for everything. Something to consider when the fall semester comes around.

Cut for fic babble and maybe some spoilers for Digimon Universe Appli Monster )

That is all for now. Less than two weeks after coming into office and our latest president has already shown he would be monstrous against all those who have been screwed over by the government and the rich. There’s going to be a lot of protesting in these four years, which would hopefully last beyond his administration, if there will be another administration. A lot of implicit evils that laid the groundwork for him were done in previous, more “respectable” administrations and would continue if another “respectable” administration comes to power. Hopefully, as a disabled working class person, I’ll survive these four years. In the meantime, I’ll continue to write and plan stories. Until next time, see you!

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The end of the year has come. I’ve completed and passed both of my last Quinnipiac classes with A’s and steadily submitted all the documents needed to get into the Southern CT State University MFA program. Apparently, most of the classes that have to do with writing have already been taken, so I’ll have to make do with electives whether I get into the program or not. I’m still in contact with my advisor and Senior Sem professor and will inform him if I get into the MFA program.

In anticipation of my Quinnipiac email getting shutdown, I set up another email account and transferred most of my active online accounts to that. I’ve had some of them attached to my mother’s email since I didn’t think to set up an personal email for the longest time and I thought all that was available was gmail. Fortunately, I finally got the idea to google around to see where I could get a free email address and set everything up the same day. I’ll tell my Quinnipiac professors to contact me with that email if they want to talk to me for any reason. I don’t expect to get much messages that don’t somehow relate to school business, but I guess it’s common courtesy anyway.

Pattern changes, spoilers for Digimon Universe Appli Monster, Moana, and writing talk )

That’s all I can think of talk about for now. 2016 was a good year in some personal accomplishments but not so much in world affairs. Here’s hoping 2017 will be much better. By the end of January, there might be an update on my graduate school situation and what progress I made on my writing, among other matters. Until that time, a happy new year!

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It’s near the end of another school semester but this one is more significant. This will be my last time at Quinnipiac. My mom keeps becoming sentimental over this being my last semester but I’m not feeling much. To tell the truth, unless I bungle such a milestone in some way, my feelings are a vague “good, I pass” and I move right along. Maybe I’ll get sentimental later when I finally leave, but until then, I’ll be focusing the short term education needs.

School, fic, and some spoilers for the movie Trolls )

That’s all for now. When I next post, it will almost be the new year and I’ll have hopefully submitted all the documents I need to get into Southern and the MFA program. Until then, see you! 

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 It’s already that time of the semester where most of my writing time gets taken up by schoolwork. I’m on the second draft for my twelve page Senior Seminar paper and basically have to rework everything. For the essay to make sense, I introduced the entire mythos of Godzilla, with a section about the first film and another about the entries that followed. By the time I was done with that and finished introducing what the essay was about, I had already taken up three pages. I don’t know if that’s too long or if the Godzilla mythos needs that much detail to be understood by the average layman.

Since my professor said that my major categories are about monsters as symbols vs monsters are characters, I should group the sources that talk about them that way, with lots of “Critic A said this, while Critic B said that.” On the first draft, I seemed to merely report on what various scholars said. I kind of did the same with the second draft, so at the halfway point, I looked it over and rewrote a lot of it. It isn’t comparative as the professor suggested but the quotes seem support each other and writing the essay is no longer such a chore. When I’m done, I’ll look it over again and reword any confusing sentences. I didn’t the last time and that confused my professors and fellow student reviewers.

More schoolwork talk, among other things )

Anyway, that’s all for now. I can’t wait for this election to be over. It’s revealing some unpleasant sides to people. When I next write, it’ll be two to three weeks away from my end at Quinnipiac and hopefully I’ll have everything prepared to enter the MFA program at Southern.

Happy Halloween!

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A month into my new classes and I’m settling in. Reading has been a bit sporadic but I’m trying to get into a routine. With Tuesday and Thursday classes, your reading time alternates between two and five days, so it’s a bit hard to pace things. Last week, I read nearly thirty pages of a difficult article in one day and it was grueling. Sometimes, the material can be difficult and you can’t take it in all at once. I read another article that was nineteen pages and reading it over three days was a bit better. At least by the time I feel overwhelmed, I already read most of the six or seven pages and still have an idea of what I’m reading about when I resume the next day. Hopefully, that’ll stay the course when I keep to this pattern.

For Senior Seminar, I’ve already collected much of the sources for the long essay and story to come. I’ve got plenty of sources for Godzilla. I might need to get more but my professor said I seem to have enough. Searching through a few college article databases brings up nothing for Gamera and Ultraman, so I want to learn a bit more, I’m going to have to track down documentaries and interviews. A few other sources for Godzilla might do but a common theme has been the various ways to present a monster movie, how they could be metaphors, and that they have attracted such a passionate fanbase because they are characters to root for. That falls neatly in with the story in mind that I have.

At the moment, I’m summarizing sources beginning with the shorts and it’s kind of difficult to know what to quote and what to paraphrase but this’ll supposedly help me go back to certain quotes that caught my interest when it’s time to write the essay. I suppose I’d better base them around my other notes I jotted down for them, since that’s where I wrote what was relevant to me and the professor said we can graft the summaries to our goals. That will be helpful, since there are several long videos and it would be easier if I only summarized them from how they might help my project.

Over to the Human Rights class, we went to an event where three Nobel Laureates had a talk and I was able to give a question. That was certainly informative about activism around the world and my mom who accompanied appeared to have a good time. It was interesting to be in the presence of well-known people who have been in the thick of activism, since they feel as ordinary as everyone else around me. We talked about the event a lot in class. Now, though, we are settling into the routine of reading articles and talking about them after they are presented to a student in class. We are already a week behind because the teacher liked to go over the first article in more detail but she said they would try not to do the same for the other articles.

I’m going to present mine in a few weeks that talks about LGBT and Human Rights, and I wonder how long beforehand do I have to prepare for it. The presentation is supposed to be around five to ten minutes and be a cliffnotes layman’s version of what the article is talking about. I’d probably ask her when I next see her in class. I’m sure I’ll do fine but hopefully I’ll be understandable when I speak since I’m not a loud speaker or much of a speaker at all. There is an essay or two in the future but I’m not going to worry about that until later. For now, I’m pretty content with my two classes.

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That’s all I can think of talking about for now. I feel like I’ve covered everything that I wanted to. When the end of October rolls around, I will have got a bit thicker into my classes and maybe make significant progress on some of my fics. Until then, see you!

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Near the start of another semester and wondering how much I might have to delay my own story writing to accomplish class writing. Since one class is all about writing one long essay, that seems all but inevitable. I might also have to write something long to get into graduate school but that might need to be clarified. It’s been a long time since my mom and I paid any attention to that stuff. On the bright side, both of those things allow for telling stories and I might be able to learn to be more succinct with those, since they can’t be more than thirty or forty-someodd pages double-spaced. Those are on the upper end of my average chapter lengths, and around the length of my longer one-shots, so it might be helpful indeed.

So far, it seems these two classes won’t require any books. The Human Rights class explicitly confirms this while The Senior Seminar still has a “To Be Determined” message. Of course, this could mean we have to buy our own books particular to our research but I wouldn’t exactly complain and neither would the family account. There is a book or two I’m thinking of getting as sources for the essay portion of the paper but I’ll wait to check with the professor. I have little idea of what they have to entail thus far, since neither have opened up their websites on blackboard and posted their syllabus. That might change in the next day or so but in the meantime, all I can do is wait.

Storytelling Woes )

That’s all for now. Maybe I should talk about more than my writing but it’s much of my life. I can do show and character analysis or talk about real world stuff but meh. The last point doesn’t grab me as much. Anyway, the next time I post, I shall have done over a month of the semester and the true gauge of the work there shall give me something extra to talk about. So until then, see you!

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Still recovering from my sickness and my sleep schedule hasn’t been got on track. On the bright side, I solved my fall class issue. I shall be taking a Human Rights course in place of Playwriting. Though that was rather my last option, the other course that really interested me involved international travel. I’m not much of a traveler and I’m leery of flying, so that was out. I feel a bit guilty since I expressed a lot of interest in that class in the email to the professor and yet when the travel issue came up, that interest dropped like a stone. I know professors get contacted by many students interested in their classes only to turn them down or never speak with them again and they probably have to build a tough skin and not take it personally. Yet I can’t help thinking I might have falsely raised hopes. I’ll just send an email to that professor later and hopefully that’ll take care of things.

In the meantime, with the fall semester coming and the others to follow, I might downgrade the number of fics I post to one a month to one every other month or when they could be posted. Classes can really eat up one’s writing time, so I want to prepare for that. Editing fics for posting can also take a while and I don’t want to rush things, so I have to prepare for that. So my fic for August might still be posted during that month but not on the first Sunday. I was going through it two pages per day but I decided to downgrade that to a page per day so I could have time to read stories that have influenced my writing style and could serve as an example so I wouldn’t overdescribe or linger in my tales. That might leave me going more slowly through my backlog of planned fics and I pray I might actually get to go through them all within a manageable amount of years.

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That’s all I can think of for now. By the next time I speak, the new semester would be close to or have already started. I would have also already seen a few movies by then and I might offer my thoughts on them if I feel if there was anything notable about them. Until next time, see you!

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