Dec. 30th, 2016

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The end of the year has come. I’ve completed and passed both of my last Quinnipiac classes with A’s and steadily submitted all the documents needed to get into the Southern CT State University MFA program. Apparently, most of the classes that have to do with writing have already been taken, so I’ll have to make do with electives whether I get into the program or not. I’m still in contact with my advisor and Senior Sem professor and will inform him if I get into the MFA program.

In anticipation of my Quinnipiac email getting shutdown, I set up another email account and transferred most of my active online accounts to that. I’ve had some of them attached to my mother’s email since I didn’t think to set up an personal email for the longest time and I thought all that was available was gmail. Fortunately, I finally got the idea to google around to see where I could get a free email address and set everything up the same day. I’ll tell my Quinnipiac professors to contact me with that email if they want to talk to me for any reason. I don’t expect to get much messages that don’t somehow relate to school business, but I guess it’s common courtesy anyway.

Pattern changes, spoilers for Digimon Universe Appli Monster, Moana, and writing talk )

That’s all I can think of talk about for now. 2016 was a good year in some personal accomplishments but not so much in world affairs. Here’s hoping 2017 will be much better. By the end of January, there might be an update on my graduate school situation and what progress I made on my writing, among other matters. Until that time, a happy new year!

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