May. 31st, 2017

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 It’s the end of May and I finally did the walk for graduation from Quinnipiac University. It was an okay affair but it was hard to see who was speaking through the sea of heads and hats. I couldn’t see my parents in the audience, though granted I didn’t look around much. This was more for my family’s sake than my own, as I was kind of bored and waiting for it to end. I was glad to finally get my diploma or whatever it’s called and get out of there. Admittedly, I should have stayed put and waited for my parents to retrieve me but I either didn’t know what to do next and followed automatic pilot in everyone getting out of there or I wanted to get out of there. That left me with the irritating situation of waiting outside for my parents to come while they looked for me inside. Call reception was terrible but I was able to find a landmark and tell them to meet me there. I met my advisor and professor and we talked about the Albertus Magnus application process for a bit before I reunited with my parents. 

I was tired and wanted to go home, so I can’t recall putting much effort in smiling for photos. My father a few days later came to me saying he wasn’t “trying to break my balls” but gave me a several minute speech about how I should put more effort into faking smiling for photos since I look too grumpy and murderous in mine. They want special photos where I’m happy. I understand where he’s coming from, but it only reinforced why I don’t like taking pictures. I don’t like being told to smile, it’s annoying and it’s like being told what to feel. Not to mention my default expression is somewhere around neutral and I’m not sure what expression I’m making, so smiling mightn’t always come out right like with my latest photo ID. Granted, the photographers can and do school me into the right type of smile, as with my graduation photo. Though there, I merely asked if my smile was appropriate. Maybe I could smile more for photos for my family but the others would have to tell me if it’s the right and nonawkward kind of smile. Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with having another picture taken of me for awhile so I won’t have to deal with the issue much.

The final letter of recommendation for my application to get into Albertus Magnus has finally been submitted. I’d have hoped for it to be submitted before the end of May but the professor I tapped to write the letter has presumably busy with work and other writer things. Fortunately, he apparently had it in his calender and was on time. Rolling admissions meant that I had another month or two to have everything submitted but that meant any response might take longer. Whatever the outcome, I’m glad this process is finally done with so it isn’t hanging over my head.

Was also supposed to do the volunteer job onsite this week but due to communication difficulties, I wasn’t able to do so and all of the options got rapidly booked up. I admit, I waffled on which ones to take, since I didn’t know what my preferences were when asked. Fortunately, the person in charge gave me contact list to copy down to excel and was able to show off what I can do from there. The next time the selections come up, I’ll try to choose at least one a week for the weeks that are available. Which from each week I’ll choose might be a bit trickier, especially since I’ll have to coordinate with my helper for when she’s available to drive me to and from there. I’ll see how that works out, especially for my resume.

Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Appmon )

That’s all for now. I’m thinking of posting my individual Appmon episode reactions here as well, since they can be more eloquent. Hopefully by June’s end, I’ll fully be caught up on news and made some fic progress. Until then, see you!. 

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