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 I might have a chance to go to another college MFA program. There’s one at Albertus Magnus College not far from where I live and the description so far indicates they might be open to genre. Then again, their definition of “genre” might be different. The program and college in general seems a mix of online and in-person classes. Though I prefer the latter, I wouldn’t mind doing online classes if they would get me some additional education in fiction writing. My mom and I have questions about the Application rules that include if we can reuse Southern material. If we must do original work, that might cut into my writing time and delay some fics. Whatever the case, we plan to clarify things at the open house March 1st. We’ll see if this avenue’s viable for me then.

I’m only three months behind on the news now. Depending on my sleep schedule, within a month and a half, I would be already caught up. That’s good, since that would leave me more time to watch other shows and do one or two house responsibilities. Dad prodded me to get into the routine of putting dishes away. I don’t mind, since it only takes five or ten minutes. I surmise it’s time to edge my way into such responsibilities. Hopefully they won’t cut too much into my story watching/reading or writing time. I’m a story lover, so it’d suck if I could barely squeeze that into my schedule.

Fortunately, I was able to post my Familial Tour fic. It’s been a long time coming. It took a while but I managed to get some reviews. I’m happy to hear that I apparently got the characters on point and that I was even faithful to the spirit of the Land Before Time movie/TV series. There was an agreement that there were some slight pacing issues in parts and I could see that. When I have a writing issue, I tend to stretch things out and those first scenes that had pacing issues I had some struggle with myself. It was only when two characters show up in person at a certain point that the pacing goes back to normal. At any rate, I’m glad to finally get around to posting a story.

Hopefully by the end of March, I’ll get around to posting that Digimon Xros Wars fanfic “Babysitter For a Day.” Like with Familial Tour, I think I might just review it one more time, edit it as best as I could, and take the plunge in posting it. I hope I’ll get reviews for it since Xros Wars doesn’t have the most fans, never mind those who can work up the nerve to review a fanfic. I got reviews for two Xros Wars fics, but not for my 2016 one. This would be around forty or so pages, so I’m kind of doubtful about getting reviews but I’ll try to be hopeful.

In order to get myself into the mood, I’ll be watching some Digimon Xros Wars. I’ve been marathoning The Land Before Time more or less since last year and am only now starting to feel some urge to write fanfic for other fandoms. Previewing segments of Digimon Adventure Tri Part 4 also got some old Digimon writing juices flowing. Watching Xros Wars would get me back in sync with the characters again and make sure that Shoutmon and the others ring true to their canon selves. Whatever the case, it would be great to revisit Digimon again.

In other news, I’ve seen Hidden Figures. It was pretty great, with both harrowing and funny moments. I did hear some later critique about how they made some white people confronting racism when in irl the three ladies had to overcome it on their own. Even if these “Based on True Story” films have to take creative liberties for narrative and other purposes but to hear they did that to assuage delicate white feelings is disturbing. It misrepresents the struggles the trio of real life women faced and takes away a bit of their accomplishments. Even with these errors, I still enjoyed the movie but it gave me pause in retrospect. I just need to remember to take my glasses the next time because I’ve found the movie screen a wee bit darker and less clear these last several months. I don’t usually need glasses except for staring at chalkboards/whiteboards, but it seems my square glasses will have another frequent use in the future.

The next movie I’ll see is the Lego Batman Movie. I keep meaning to ask to see it next week in February but I often forgot to ask for it. With that Albertus Magnus meeting coming up Wednesday, it’ll have to be next week. I’ve been attempting to avoid seeing any trailers but I heard it’s been very well received and very funny. I hope that’s the case.

Next would be Kong Skull Island. I’ve been avoiding much advertising for that too but I read one quote that indicated the crew was handling the monster like a character, which’s what I like in monster stories like the Godzilla series, Gamera series, and Ultra series. Hopefully, this movie won’t be bogged down with all the racist baggage that comes with King Kong’s legacy and would be a genuinely good flick with well-characterized monsters. Following that would be Power Rangers, which I’ve also been avoiding advertisements on, so I don’t know what to expect from it. It’s certainly different, there is that. Apparently the Billy there is supposed to have Autism, which I hope is handled well. That could go all sorts of ways wrong. There’s also Boss Baby, which could be great, average, or terrible, but I won’t see that until April, so I won’t think about it much.


In the world of Digimon Universe Appli Monster, Episode 17 is about Eri that reiterated her goal to make people smile, but it did have some nice interactions between her and Ai that fleshed out the latter a bit as a community Good Samaritan. 18 fleshed out Haru and Yuujin’s friendship. As the sporty person, I thought Yuujin would have helped Haru and initiated the friendship, but it’s actually the other way around and I like that. Episode 19 was about Haru and Gatchmon getting their power up, and I thought the buildup to that was a bit abrupt. Still, Globemon was sweet. I enjoyed Astra getting a power up in Episode 20, since we learned more about him and his family, and Entermon was just as amazing. I won’t see Eri’s power up episode until March but from the raw look I had, it looks interesting. There have been some spoiler scans about who the 6th ranger of the show will be. I won’t reveal it, but all I’ll say it that I’ll be sad if there are no gal Buddy Appmon by the show’s end. Still, the show holds my attention.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m going to see if I can start to have a consistent sleep schedule starting tonight. I won’t hold my breath but I’ll try my best. I’ll update at the end of March. Until then, see you!

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