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Next month will be the time I take the walk for graduating from Quinnipiac University. I technically don’t have to do that to graduate but it’s an obligation to my parents. I’d have to get up really early on a weekend in order to do all of that stuff and I’ve only just attempted to get back on a good sleep schedule. Hopefully it won’t be too grueling. And speaking of education, I should hopefully have all my submission information for Albertus Magnus College’s MFA program put in by later this May. Just need to prod the second Letter of Recommendation writer to send his letter in on time, do the headings for the documents, and compose my writer’s resume and it’ll be all set. My mom thinks that I might actually get accepted this time unlike with Southern CT’s MFA program. We’ll see about that. As soon as the last item’s submitted, it’ll be out of my hands, and I wouldn’t have to worry about it until an announcement one way or the other comes, which I’m told will likely be quick since May’s early in the submission process.

In the meantime, going to work at another volunteer job. It’ll be basically be about doing office work and data entry. Some of the latter can be done at home, but it’s expected I should do that work in the office, the closest instance of me getting out into the community. I hope this leads me to eventually getting a paid job. These volunteer positions often seem like a racket. At least this will be work that won’t be too challenging for me, or require too much socialization. I can even do some of it on a computer where I can listen to the news or music. The person who helps me arranged for this, and is going to transport me to the job location. I don’t know if I’ll continue working if and when I start doing classes for Albertus Magnus but we’ll see. Writing stories for school can occupy a lot of time and it’d do not to have too many distractions.

And speaking of writing, I’ve posted two fanfics in one month and within a week of each other. Don’t expect much of that. The first was Babysitter for a Day and the other was The Heroine Inside. The latter didn’t require as much work looking over as the previous two fics I posted. I planned on posting it next month, but then I thought I might as well not delay and post it. Fortunately, I got a review for the Xros Wars fic and it was quite encouraging especially since they said it’d make a great OVA/anime episode. I also got a couple reviews for The Heroine Inside, other than pointing out one or two slight character snafus, were also encouraging and helpful.

That’s three one-shots out of six I hope to post each year. I’d like to post my next Godzilla fic within the next few months or so. It might be sooner but the story Together in Death might need to be cut and restructured to get rid of excessive detail and use a new method I have for conveying what monsters say. I don’t feel comfortable with them speaking like normal humans but the paragraphs describing the gist of what they’re saying can be cumbersome. I did come up with a brief, concise way that combines the two approaches, sort of. It’ll be seen when I get around to posting the story. I do know what the last two one-shots shall be. I already plotted both and written a bit of one. The fifth is Exile’s Lone Company, a LBT story about Pterano and Doc. The final one is Gradual Negotiations, an Xros Wars fic about Bastemon as a leader. It’d take time to write and eventually post them.

This means there won’t be as many oneshots in the year but I might make that up with posting at least one series a year. I’ll test out if that’s feasible with We Will Hold On Forever. I’m going over the second chapter and once that’s done and I look over the first chapter one more time before I post it. It’d take once a month or likely more to post all the material I have, and maybe even longer to write up and post new chapters. Maybe when I get into the groove of frequent fic writing and posting, updates might come at a quicker rate, especially as time gets freed up when I catch up with my news programs, which I’m only five weeks behind now. We’ll see.

The only movie I saw this month was the Power Rangers film. It’s definitely its own animal from MMPR, but I do like it on its own merits, with its characterization and relationships. I appreciate that Billy was an accurate autistic character and that Trini was queer, though the latter could have had more focus. Jason got a bit Standardized Leader at points but he was fine and I kind of shipped him and Billy. The action was backloaded but I didn’t really mind much with these characters. The cast is talking about wanting their Tommy to be a girl and I would support that, since that would make a interesting dynamic being at ranger team to have gender parity. Though with rumblings of how the box office wasn’t as smashing as desired, who knows if sequels are still in the pipeline. At least they can continue the story in comic form. I don’t know if the movie is licensed to the same comic company but maybe they can do a crossover between the MMPR and reboot teams like is happening in that Ghostbusters 101 comic I hear about. It’d be interesting to hear about, if not buy, at the very least.

As for Digimon Universe Appli Monster, the new status quo with Yuujin and Offmon joining is going to be interesting. Granted, I’ve only seen two episodes, with not finding the time to watch last week episode and this week’s entry not being subbed yet, but I like what we see of Yuujin and Offmon. The former is very protective of those he loves especially Haru – a bit too protective, judging by the Applidriver’s totally-not-ominous question, "Is there a friend that you would give up your life top protect?” I don’t think Yuujin’s going to die, but I think that he’s going to struggle really deep as the stakes rise, especially when the mind control factor hinting at in one episode comes to the forefront. It’d be interesting to see how Offmon is effected by this. He's pretty nervous and shy, and only just making baby steps to warming up to the others. Whether he’s also brainwashed or not, that’s going to really throw Offmon for a loop and upset him.  Haru and the others are might have interesting and varied reactions to these revelations if and when they learn about them.It might take many episodes for any of that progression, but I’m willing to wait with the characters we have. 

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, an hour or so from going to bed, and thought of an amusing line for a fic and wondering how I can look to real life events for plot inspiration so I wouldn’t be too formulaic. I often take inspiration from other matters or other shows, so great to have variety. Hopefully by May, I’ll be mostly caught up on news. Until that time, see you!

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