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Starting today, will be posting my individual reactions to Appmon episodes here. If you want to see my reviews from before, go here. (Admittedly, that thread contains mostly my reactions instead of others. Hopefully my enthusiasm hasn't smothered other people reviewing there) Moving on:

This was an interesting episode that introduced the goals and beliefs of the antagonists. Throughout the L Town tour, the Applidrivers were amazed and a bit starry-eyed over the future depicted here, where A.I. took care of nearly everything. I, on the other hand, became twitchy at the mention of ubiquitous security cameras assuring “constant public order” and preventing crime before it happens as well as the A.I. instantly knowing what your foods are. It seemed too much of a surveillance state. That seemed to be intentional, since Cloud mentioned that since humans were so warring and polluting, it would be best if A.I was in charge instead and L Town was all about the wonders of A.I. running the world.

There was an interesting moment where when Knight flashed a glinting smile after his speech, Haru flinched uncomfortably. Yet when talking to Yuujin later, he complimented how nice Knight was. I think that initial reaction might have been a gut instinct that something wasn’t right about Knight but Haru isn’t the type to badmouth others and rationalizes that Knight working to this supposed utopia means that he must have good intentions.

Yuujin was right to point out how having a society where A.I. runs everything has a major flaw. If a virus attacks the A.I in a right way, then the human world would grind to a halt. Humanity would be pretty helpless if that ever came to pass, which might be Leviathan and his servants’ intentions. Of course, Yuujin backpedals and says L Corp likely foresees and prepares for such dangers and that would be the logical conclusion the average person might come to

Knight’s surveillance of the Applidrivers did confirm Leviathan planned for them to be here. Knight didn’t seem to be in on that plan but he doesn’t bother, him and the Ultimate 4 seeming to treat Leviathan like a respected but unknowable God. Of course, this trust might bite Knight in the butt at some point, unless the unlikely scenario happens where Leviathan keeps his/its(?) word (That would be something, a Big Bad whose ethical to their loyal followers). Anyway, Knight seemed perfectly willing to endanger L Town and everyone within it, including himself, to get a shot at the Applidrivers and introduce himself under his Cloud disguise. Though I shouldn’t be too surprised – most CEOs of large companies aren’t known for their compassion for the average person.

The behavior of the L Town family made me wonder how sincere they were, since they waxed lyrical about how amazing L Corp and their current lot is. I wondered if they were paid actors to some extent who are supposed to bring up the positives but they seemed genuine in their gratitude to some extant. Eri embarrassedly accepting the kids’ butchering her catchphrase as “explosive pants” was sweet. It made them smile, which is her goal as a Idol. Then there was their terror at the out of control weather and of L Town about to ram into the bridge. Whatever their motives for their behavior, they appeared to genuinely love each other.

Batterymon made for a threatening Appmon of the week, draining the Buddy Appmon’s power to serve for his own. Yuujin was all focused on how he could save everyone. Then his Applidrive Duo reminds him to show off another function of the toys the viewers should get and that revives Offmon. The slight drawback is that it drains Yuujin, which I have some fears and anticipations might play a role in him overextending himself or some other lowpoint for his character. 

As for the Applidrivers not recognizing Knight in his Cloud identity…his voice did sound different enough I have to listen really hard to note the commonalities. He continues to have his flair for the dramatics. I like how Haru was like “That is kinda true” but his gut instinct tells him Cloud is wrong. He seems troubled by the claim “Leviathan will bring happiness” later and I hope this becomes a thread. His reaction did give me the wild thought that he might turn evil or be brainwashed to Leviathan’s side but I dismissed that as an unlikely route. Depending on how the series plays out, it could make a good AU. And Knight putting L Town in danger actually benefited L Corp with positive publicity. That’s kind of happened before with Mienumon sabotaging the competition helping them. And we see in the end where Knight’s “Thank you, Future” catchphrase.  It’s him expressing his appreciation AI will run everything better.

Next episode is about Eri training for another Idol event. I wonder how L Corp and Levithan might influence or screw things up.

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