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That was alright and amusing. The haunted house served the double purpose of providing some Appmon brand humor and furthering the plot by having the Ultimate 4 observe their strength. I was amused about the sell-by-date Appmon being sulky and resentful of more advanced ones and their outrage at Rei’s insult to them. Though some of them are still used pretty frequently, with online dictionaries being the norm now, so I’m a bit puzzled why they’re there. The “No!” guy being cloned as zombie dummies with his catchphrase being a sick beat was amusing, as was Dokamon instinctively punching the ghost lady.

The character tics of the Ultimate 4 continue to amuse. I did sigh at Beautymon’s skin care joke even if her massaging her face with that roly instrument was…interesting. Charismon being so considerate to Fakemon’s (Serious? Joking?) assassination attempt is almost sweet. It’s hard to tell if Fakemon’s genuinely touched, faking it as is his nature, or both. Biomon being the eager mad scientist does take some amusing turns when the minibosses (and Sukasimon, because we need four to fight four) ignore him to fool around and take selfies. It’s as though the classic “It’s alive” mad scientists and resurrectioners have to deal with their creations checking their social media and doing dank memes. It’s delightful.

Then Cloud shows up to bring up the plot of the next few episodes, making it like a video game, complete with revealing going “Sorry, Your Prince Is In Another Castle” with regard to Yuujin and where he actually is. With the hour limit starting on the episode 12 minute mark, I expected this to last two and a half episodes but by the end, a half hour had already passed. Either time will go fast or slow according to the plot or this won’t be as long as expected. Though I still see this going two further episodes.

And Cloud’s appearances throughout the episode confirm he does laugh at nearly every other sentence in that persona, even when just giving orders. It’s ridiculous and yet I love it. I hope it become a meme. The minibosses antics against the Appli Drives were amusing. Haru attempts to plead with them to allow the four to save Yuujin but of course that doesn’t work. Once the Appli Drivers go Ultimate, though, it’s one curbstomping after another and the minibosses get blasted off again (Does that mean they’re dead again, or they can come back). In addition to humor, the fight scene also serves the purpose of providing showing how powerful the Appli Drive Duos make the Buddy Appmon and that they aren’t constricted by a time limit. Granted, they don’t mention how Yuujin and Shutmon also didn’t have a time limit but they are on a clock. At least time won’t have to be stretched to for the sake of the plot like with the Ultimate 4’s fight debut. Now Rei faces Biomon. Him telling them to go ahead serves the double purpose of trying to buy them time to save Yuujin and to have no one in the way in as he tries to beat answers about Hajime from Biomon.

And next time, it seems that he might get some answers about that. Are parts Hajime in Hackmon? Biomon? Elsewhere? Does Biomon trap Rei by saying he would bring back Hajime if he fights the other Appli Drivers, who are fighting the Ultimate 4? The rival going rogue is a basic plot and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was faking it too, but it could be done well. We’ll have to see.

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