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Well, that's one avenue closed

Well, it turns out I didn’t get into the Southern MFA program after all. I knew they focused on literary rather than genre but from how the head of the program talked when I met him, they seemed flexible and I wanted to be honest about who I was and what subject matter I tackled. It turned out that I was apparently too genre to fit in the program. They said if I could switch my focus to literary, I could try again in another semester, but I’m not sure. Most of my ideas fit into genre, so I don’t know if the right decision is to grit my teeth and have to right in a literary style for a few years in order to get by in the world or be true to myself and go elsewhere. If I decide to not have another go at the Southern MFA program, that leaves limited options if I want to continue living at home. There is an online class that my Quinnipiac adviser suggested which I might look into. I never did online classes before, so I don’t know what they would entail. I would be strange to do things without being in the physical presence of an instructor. Still, first time for everything. Something to consider when the fall semester comes around.

In the meantime, I’m still going to write fanfic. I’m still working on my Land Before Time oneshot, Familial Tour. After one or two more look-throughs, I think I’m going to post it regardless of any reservations. I read some posts that increasing the quantity of stories you produce will eventually increase the quality. I’m not sure if I’ll completely follow that logic but I’m willing to experiment on it if it means I don’t stay reviewing the same stories over and over again. Granted, I haven’t given myself much time to review the current story, with the other readings and the main chaptered piece. Maybe I can give the weekend time over to that oneshot work. Giving more than scant attention to a story with more than one plot thread might do it some good.

Chapter 6 We Will Hold On Forever is either going to be especially long or need to be split into separate chapters. With seven main characters and assorted others, it takes up a lot of pages. I’m wondering whether to add an extra day or not because I’m not sure if certain character bonding is happening long enough. I guess I’ll see. I might as well just write what I have planned and if it isn’t up to snuff, I would change it.

I’ve been taking a break to write the chapter of another story in the meantime. Sometimes, a chapter or scene pulls at me so much that I’ll jump ahead and write it. Those scenes and chapters might have to be majorly rewritten later for all I know but sometimes they are too fun to resist and I might as well work through whatever ideas and issues they might have while they’re still clear in my brain.

Was only able to see one movie this month, Rogue One A Star Wars Story. I thought it was pretty good, with plenty of characterization and good acting for the leads Jyn and Andor, and enough teased for K-2SO, Bodhi, Chirrut, and Blaze to make me care about them. No wonder the latter four have got so many fans. I know one book is going to elaborate on Chirrut and Blaze, so hopefully other spinoff material will do the same for the other characters. I’m also aiming to see Hidden Figures within the next week or so. I’ve been meaning to watch it in the past two weeks but the person who drives me to them either had a scheduling conflict or got sick. Fortunately, the movie’s doing well enough that it won’t be leaving next week. That’s good. The film seems pretty interesting and I do want to play my role in supporting representative films.

I’m up to episode 17 of Digimon Universe Appli Monster and it has its high and low points. Only episode 14 is the weakest of January, with being sort of a New Years’ recap with not much material. Eri and Astra still get some of the weaker material but fortunately that is looking up.

Episode 15 deals with the pair’s at times vitriolic relationship – I’m not sure it’s resolved but they do see the value in one another now. Mienumon also stepped forward and though she didn’t give the challenging fight that some expected, she did provide an interesting secondary challenge. Still, I hope she’s be more of a threat in future battles. She spends so much time being Leviathan’s apparent second-in-command, she should be more of a challenge.

Episode 16 was all exposition as we learned about where Leviathan came from and Haru’s connection to the event. I’m not sure if Haru’s goal of becoming a protagonist himself is helped or ruined by this revelation. I would have liked if he just remained a random boy who managed to make himself the main character of all this drama. Oh well. It certainly hinted at what power ups the Applidrivers will need to get next. I hope all four (Plus any 6th rangers that show up) will be able to get that power up. No power up hogging for the gogglehead, please!

Episode 17 looks pretty intriguing already, being a episode about Eri that involves her motivations for being a idol. Since subs aren’t out yet, I’ll wait until next month to talk about it.

And episode 18 is going to be interesting, with Haru and Yuujin’s friendship as the focus. Maybe we will learn more about that friendship, which will lead to great fallout when Yuujin’s dead eye stare of doom gets expanded upon. Hopefully, that expanding upon happens at least in a little way in that episode and it doesn’t get delayed until the end of the series. It certainly doesn’t feel like an end-of-series plot, more like a midway conflict that might lead to the new power up talked about in episode 16. Whatever the case, I hope it gets executed well.

That is all for now. Less than two weeks after coming into office and our latest president has already shown he would be monstrous against all those who have been screwed over by the government and the rich. There’s going to be a lot of protesting in these four years, which would hopefully last beyond his administration, if there will be another administration. A lot of implicit evils that laid the groundwork for him were done in previous, more “respectable” administrations and would continue if another “respectable” administration comes to power. Hopefully, as a disabled working class person, I’ll survive these four years. In the meantime, I’ll continue to write and plan stories. Until next time, see you!