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Oh, this is one of the best Eri episodes. Mostly slice-of-life but it treated her very well and we learned some more about her and her home life. I liked how though she was appreciative of her friends support and willing to accommodate the work she has to do for the election, she pressed for them to remember to vote. Her passion to get as high as she could be was nice and I like how her need to expose herself to as many people as possible led her to interacting and bonding with Astra. Whatever her disagreements with him, she still respected his craft enough to ask him for help and was willing to swallow her pride to do what he asked. Astra looked ready to take advantage of the additional views but Eri brought along but he still had enough of a good head to pause when he saw Eri was tired. By the end, he seemed quite impressed with her. Though their relationship wasn’t the ultimate focus, I like how it still got developed.

I also enjoyed finally seeing Eri’s family situation. Her mother having to work most of the day to the point of exhaustion is something Kouichi might relate to. It was sweet to see Eri try to cook and clean for her mother (Even if said cooking still wasn’t perfect) and she took her mother’s advice to follow her passion with a smile to heart by declaring she’ll be an Idol. I was amused Ms. Karan had the natural incredulous reaction to such a career path but Eri was so passionate about it, the former couldn’t help but smile and come to support her. That Eri wants to place high in the elections make her and more people smile is sweet.

Eri also had a high value in fair play and some realistic goals, as shown when the results were announced and she was in first place instead of her idol Izumi. I like how she told Calcumon she knew she didn’t earn a number one spot yet and didn’t approve of his cheating. Dokamon scolding Calcumon for cheating Eri into number one for his own inconsiderate feelings rather than hers was really on point. I was relieved that it was her and Dokamon that defeated and nabbed Calcumon in the end with no one stealing her win. Dokamon not being affected by Calcumon’s powers because the former fighting for Eri means his power is infinite is a bit of a Deux ex Machina but it’s sweet and doesn’t bother me in the grand scheme of things.

Now next episode will be interesting. I wonder if Eri waiting for her results to be announced will take up much or most of the episode. Rei uncovering an incredible secret’s apparently supposed to go on during that. I wonder if that secret is “L Corp is controlled by Leviathan” or something else that involves Eri. The next episode title involves her being targeted, so I hope she doesn’t become a passive hostage and her character continues to grow. Rei will likely take a pounding, since he collapses at the Appli Driver secret base. I surmise the pounder is one of the Ultimate 4 making nightmares eyes in the preview. I’m really interested in seeing what comes next with one of the Ultimate 4’s debut. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some amusing quirk or whatever but I hope he brings some good challenges to our heroes.

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