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 A bit of a wrench has been thrown into my fall semester schedule. The class on playwriting cancelled due to there not being enough students, so I have had to look for classes that interest me and fit my schedule. The trouble is all the ones that catch my attention so far either apparently have requirements I haven’t pursued or were full. My advisor said he would look into that a few days ago and he is likely busy, so I would have to wait for the verdict on that. 

In the meantime, I seem to be getting sick. Ever since Monday night and Tuesday morning, I started to feel mucus and a cough which had grown on Wednesday. I might have caught the bug that caused Mom to cough to the point of making a retching-like sounds that she seemed to be on the mend from. So I’m in for a long haul that might cause even more chaos for my sleep schedule than it already goes through. But I’ll get through it like I always do.

And speaking of chaos, my watch and read schedule had been thrown even more behind than it already is. I thought a few weeks back I could try to keep a better sleep schedule by breaking from a pattern that often caused me to stay up more than was necessary. I plan to resume when July came around. 
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 Been done with the semester for nearly two weeks now and apparently grades came back where I passed highly in both classes. I edited the final essay for Critical Theory and Practice after getting feedback from the professor. Fortunately, I seemed to have put it well together enough that I only needed to do cosmetic edits. The script for Script Writing was a bit more difficult. Due to that professor’s busy schedule, I had around three days to do a 20 page draft that I usually take two weeks to do. Trying to follow his advice and think up of alternatives to what I did was at times frustrating. I worked on it until the Friday midnight deadline two weeks back and eventually shrugged and just sent what I had. It seemed I got a good grade from that. Maybe I did improve some things. He did admit at one point script writers go over more drafts than we have time for in class and this final draft was just a simple stopping off point. Hopefully I’ve learned something from that which can be applied to my stories in the future.

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In around two weeks, I’ll be done with this semester, so I’m feeling the crunch. I have a final essay and a script to hand in by the beginning of the second week of May, so next week I might skimp on my usual watchings and readings. That might put me another week behind but I have a whole summer to catch up and I might need more time to do a 8-10 page paper and 20 page script. I don’t have any idea of what turn my essay would go with the sources I chose and I’m feeling antsy about this latest iteration of the script (Probably because I haven’t replotted it) but I’ll see how it all falls out in the end.

That means most of my other creative writing has screeched to a halt. The part that doesn’t fall under most is some The Land Before Time writing, since the free up of time by ceasing to do liveblogs means I can watch those films and do some writing. I have one story in mind that I haven’t completely plotted out yet but some scenes were so entrancing I wrote them anyway. I’ve just finished viewing the first four movies and shall move on to movie 5. I was pleased to find one thing I mentioned in description seemed to later match up with Littlefoot’s character in the movies. I might have to change or add some details later as I go through the movies and TV series, but I seem to be on the right track with characterization and can’t wait to delve into the meat of the plot.

And watching the movies so far has been a nostalgia trip. I know there are definite problems for how the sequels were made and I wouldn’t like that to happen to any of my own stories but I can’t help but be fond of these movies. They were a very significant part of my childhood, enough that I wrote my first fanfiction with them in a Mickey Mouse notepad. So far I’ve been enjoying the experience and I’ll see if that enjoyment holds up for the material I haven’t watched yet. I’m vaguely thinking I might write some The Land Before Time fanfics as a test runs for the longer pieces. I’m running out of fanfic material I already mostly finished and feel ready for posting, so that might be one avenue until I make sure other fanfic is up to quality.

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That’s all for now. When you next hear from me, I’ll be off for the semester and probably have seen Captain America: Civil War. Until then, bye!

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Near the end of the month and the end of a few patterns that have held for a long while. 
For one, I will be finished with my liveblogs at the end of this week. It has been a wild ride that has gotten wilder and eaten up a lot more time out of my day. Finishing will mean more time freed up to pursue other interests. The same could be said for a weekend news show I watched, whose cancellation was most unfortunate and dickish. But watching each episode takes four hours, and if I watch two in one day, that I can mean I stay up more than I should. With that time opened up, I can catch up on two or so podcasts I follow that have grown quite a biacklog. For both instances, at the very least, I could plot to go to bed at a more descent time and not have a sleep schedule as much out of whack.
In university news, I’ve chosen my last classes. One was senior seminor, where you have to write something really long but my advisor, who would be teaching it, brought up the option that I could write a story with my creative writing concentration, though there would need to be an essay-like introduction. If I was going to write a Godzilla-inspired monster story, I the introduction would go over the history of Godzilla and similar such films. I’ll be looking forward to that. The other class was Playwriting, since I want to continue my story-making streak in some way. Exploring that format will be interesting, with not being much of a play person myself. We’ll see how that goes.
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Anyway, that’s all that I can think to babble about for now. It’s Tuesday morning and I have been up since yesterday morning. Within several hours, I hope to go to sleep and have a nice long rest. Hopefully Tuesdays could be my “rest” days until I could start getting my sleep schedule on track and catch up on my watch schedule. So I’ll see what awaits me in April. Until the end of that month, see you!
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 Have posted my first Buddyfight fanfic at the beginning of the month and so far no reviews. I’m not exactly surprised, since one-shots seem to get less reviewed than chaptered fics and the Buddyfight section might get less traffic than other sections. So I’ll just continue posting fics monthly, with March being my first Gamera fic. I hope I’ve got the voices of the human characters down right. After that is Trinity of Loss for April and then Brother of Brothers for May. I was tepid about posting that last one since I thought there were significant problems there. Two chapters reviewed and corrected so far though, and nothing seems to be too majorly wrong. When I get to the final chapter, I’ll see if that remains the case and then go from there.

Moving on to fics that are to be posted to fics I’m still writing, I’m on chapter 3 of Past Wild Endurance. Chapter 2 was a little shorter than expected and might become shorter on a second look to get the right theme I right. Chapter 3’s first scene will remain unchanged while the following scenes could range from barely any change to significant alterations. I’m nearing the end of rewriting Babysitter For A Day and the New Gamera fic Departed Calling, but I would have to reread them to be sure they would be ready for posting in the future. Reviewing Together in Death and though so far nothing much was changed, I have the sense I might need to make some major changes as I go along.

I’m interested in getting into some Godzilla fics at some point. I looked at the plot of the Godzilla and Anguirus friendship Jaws of Life and I was no longer feeling it. There was some subplot about Mothra that I now think should be her own story and things should be simpler. So I’m planning to streamline things a bit, narrow down the human cast and just have the scenario I’ve often imagined in my own dream continuity of Godzilla be what happened here. It feels descent enough that I shouldn’t let it go to waste. Minya might play some role but that’s because this takes place after Son of Godzilla and before whatever the heck film where Godzilla and Anguirus are BFF is next chronologically. That timeline matter is something I’m probably not going to touch very much. Strangely, whatever lukewarm response Minya seems to get from fandom, he plays a significant role in at least two other stories I have in mind. One is a follow-up to All Monsters Attack/Godzilla’s Revenge and the other is that Mothra plot I just mentioned. At any rate, maybe in a few weeks I’ll start replotting and maybe even writing Jaws of Life.

In other news, I’m doing fine with classes. Studying for a Critical Theory and Practice test by going over the terms twice a day and will soon come up with the first major writing of the class – applying these concepts we’ve been reading about if I remember correctly. I’ll see what that’ll entail and how it’ll effect my writing schedule. For Script Writing, I’ve hopefully finished plotting /and completed the first two scenes for the short. I have a meeting with the professor before class on Monday to discuss the script. What I have planned seems a bit much for the 15 - 20 minute limit but hopefully I might be able to pace it in a way where I use the minimum to get a great point across and it doesn’t feel rushed. I’m a bit new at script writing and the technical terms to use, even with reading a script book, so I guess I’ll get some correction on their use in that meeting.

I’ve seen Kung Fu Panda 3 and it’s a fun, great film that builds on the previous ones. If this was the final one in the series, it would be fine. I think it would be fine if Dreamworks sticks with trilogies with its popular properties. It seems like it would work for them. Its next offering later in the year Trolls I’m a bit more dubious about but we’ll see what the reception is when it comes out. Moving over to Disney, I’ve already spoiled myself a bit thoroughly with Zootopia. It seems junior novelizations couldn’t be aligned to when a film is released and international airings come ahead of the US’s, so a lot of information about the plot is available. Its Wikipedia entry even has a detailed summary. Even with what I already know, I still look forward to seeing the movie. It sounds interesting, with intriguing characters that I’m sure I would like. Moana also sounds fun from what I heard, and I hope that a trailer about it accompanies Zootopia.

Going to Zootopia might be an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone since for the next five weeks or so, our car wouldn’t be available to drop me off or pick me up from college. My younger brother needs to go to a school for reasons related to his college pursuits, so I need to use Metrotaxi to get to my university. I haven’t used it in a while, so over $400 is in the account. But including tip, a round trip costs between $60 and $80, so I’m kind of rapidly going through it.  I’m supposed to get an extra $100 into the account when March rolls around but I’m not sure when exactly that would happen. I realized I’ll have spring break on the week of March 14th and I’m sure my brothers have it on a different week but I’m not sure if that makes the total weeks I’ll eventually take other transport to school either 7 or 8. I went to get a haircut last Wednesday with the person who accompanies me to the movies and other tasks who said she would be happy to help. We’ll see how that goes but I feel nervous about having her presumably spend money to accommodate for such needs.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Falling a bit more behind on my watching schedule but maybe I can find some way to stabilize it soon. When March comes, I’ll be nearly done with liveblogging. See you!

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I have started classes and with those classes come some changes. 

On Monday, I’ve begun yet another semester. So far still at the “getting the feel” stage of these classes. The Critical Theory and Practice class, which I described as “studying how literature is studied” happens around three times a week and I’ve already done class reading for. So far, it seems to be about that, with mentions of being aware of how you read a book and jotting down notes whenever something important jumps out. I’ve done some of that through only underlining so far, though I might use other note taking suggestions as I proceed to read on. Anyway, as I probably mentioned before, the professor’s one I had before and it would probably be interesting to see the ways literature is studied.
The Script Writing class is once a week on Monday and, in an amusing moment, I first met the professor when trying to track down the room number. The same number with different preceding letters led to some closet, and I was going to ask the desk people in the area I pass to go downstairs where the room was when the man having a conversation with them recognized me and directed me to the room. It was my professor. I never looked up a picture of him but apparently he did so of me or recognized that I was about to ask about his classroom. Whatever the case, I learned I’ll be with just around a dozen classmates and we went over the basics of what to put in a script. He mentions installing a script program that we would be using and that there should be a student version that would be free until the end of the semester but when I input my information at the website everything is still priced impressively and the free trial is only a month. I wouldn’t mind actually buying the program outright since it sounds interesting but I’ll talk to the professor about before I dive headfirst into it. In the meantime, I’m reading the script of Silver Linings Playbook, which is over 150 pages. Granted, script pages are short but still it’s a great commitment.
Which brings me to a great change in my usual reading habits. I’m likely going to drop reading from a certain new site. I talked about skipping certain authors before but after seeing the reading schedule for the semester, I went “screw it” and decided the most I would do with that site is read the summaries for each article. Maybe I would take a peak but I’m tired of being exhausted and want to have time to look at other writings in my free time, whether for pleasure or research for stories. Heck, with a steadier sleep schedule, I might eventually be up to be able to read faster again. We’ll see how much I’ll progress on that front when I grow used to the class reading schedule.
And as for posting fanfic, I’ve reviewed so I would have something to post at least until April. I’ll see how well I do at spotting grammatical or other flaws when I post and if I get any reviews that comment on it. As for the usual writings, I’m not yet sure if I might have to scale back to one page per day or not since script writing will be coming on the horizon soon. That might eat up a lot of writing time. Once I finish with the Smile liveblog, I’ll see if I could add some more writing time in for long chaptered stories like Past Wild Endurance. Will see. 
Anyway, I’m planning to see my first 2016 movie on Thursday, Kung Fu Panda 3. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 in theaters. It’s getting consensus reviews of B- so far, and I surmise I would enjoy it regardless. Let see if the main villain here gets the same Draco in Leather Pantsing as the antagonists from the previous two movies. From clips, he seems amusing. The film after that is Zootopia, which comes out in March. I admit, I poked around for spoilers because there are books released and that gave away a plot twist for Frozen. I kind of regret doing that. Let’s just say there’s a few twists and you should steer clear of spoilers.
Well, that’s all for now. Still trying to get to some manageable sleep schedule for this semester. Hopefully I’ll be able to adjust to some kind of good pattern. Until the end of February, see you!
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 It’s the final days of 2015. I’ve finished the fall semester with apparently good grades and only two semesters to go before graduation. I’ve got Atragon and War In Space for Christmas, adding two more movies to my monster DVD collection. I finished my rewritten chapter 1 of Past Wild Endurance and the rough draft of the final chapter, which gives me two days to work on the revised chapter 2 and the other chapters that follow. I think I finished a few stories and starting in 2016, I may start posting them. I finished my liveblog of Suite Precure and have started Smile. This would be my final Precure liveblog and other than some Godzilla stuff sprinkled in between, I’ll be completely done with liveblogging. That would open up some time that I hope to do some other stuff.

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So until my first post at the end of the first month of 2016, see you!

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 Three more weeks and yet another semester at my university shall come to an end. After some communication confusion, I was able to get the information needed to finish my essay for the documentary for my religion class. It required reading far enough into a book to get the themes that were applicable to the documentary project and essay and that was a bit of a challenge. I’m used to reading one page every four or five minutes, not two. Fortunately, it worked out. We did the filming and now the next step would be to edit it altogether and provide a narrative. That results of that would be interesting. I hope I contributed enough to the project but whatever the case, it would be one more thing I would be done with. Then one of the main worries would be the test, which the professor got into specifics about this today. Fortunately, studying might not be as hard as I thought it would be.

For my Shakespeare class, I finished the first draft of the final essay. It wouldn’t be due for around three weeks but I decided to start it this Thanksgiving break anyway since I believe I have all the materials I need. My professor for that class consented to looking over the first rough draft which I emailed to him today. I kind of doubt I would be able to just submit it now with minor edits. Still, to have plenty of time to have it examined and then rewrite it instead of waiting until the last minute is appealing. That way, I could put some more concentration on studying for the religion class. I’ve also been reading a scene me and two others were supposed to memorize and act out in class. I believe I did okay. I can’t recall memorizing any material for activities beside tests, so I kind of stumbled even though I only had two speaking lines. I at least contributed with coming up with an additional reason why we selected that short passage of that Shakespeare play, which my group mates were appreciative of.

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That’s all for now. My fanfic situation is at it’s usual pace, with the latest draft of my Gamera fic looking to be near completion. The first draft of the final chapter of Past Wild Endurance might be several pages near the end. I’m several pages near the end of the second draft of that story’s first chapter as well. I’m on the second draft of my plot for Past Kingly Endurance, shortening the arcs into three rather than four chapters. Other than that, everything’s on track. When I next post, it would be the end of 2015 and I would have probably also seen Star Wars the Force Awakens, which I might mention. Maybe the next year would actually look up in terms of managing my free times. Until then, see you!

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 I have already signed up for Spring 2016 classes. When I saw my advisor’s email to set up appointments for that thing, I just dismissed it assuming that would be dealt with later in the semester. Fortunately, I coincidentally bumped into my advisor and I looked up my sign up time to learn that it was just a week from that time. I got a meeting with my advisor and we determined to get my requirement for a Critical Theory and Practice class, which I admittedly didn’t look up to see what it was about until now. It seems to be about how literature is studied in the discipline of English and the theories and practices around how that study is formed. The course description indicated that this would be of help in the future class where you have to write a long as hell essay. Hopefully it would be helpful in that arena. I’m taking the class with a teacher I had before, in a class I believe was about English novels around the time of Dickens and it’s nice to be taught by professors familiar with you.

The other class I chose was Script Writing. I was kind of interested in that craft since reading The Writer’s Tale of how Russel T Davies did Doctor Who scripts. From the description of the class, it seems right up my alley and I do enjoy crafting stories while in class. I hope the professor isn’t the type to press for more ordinary slice of life tales rather than speculative fiction. Other professors in the creative writing sometimes pressed for that but didn’t object much when I went in a speculative direction. Though speaking of creative writing, there was the issue of a prerequisite. In any other ordinary case, I was required to take some other previous film course. But since I had a concentration in creative writing, the professor and the chair of that department pleasantly granted an exemption.

On Monday the day of the signup, there was a little snag where attempts to get accepted into both classes were bounced back because I didn’t have a prerequisite. For the English class, it was some snafu because I apparently did take a prerequisite and my advisor helped to add me to the class. For Script Writing, it was prompting the chair of film to remind someone to force register me for the class. It was a bit anxiety inducing but as I continued to check to see the classes remained opened, it didn’t bother me too much. Now that I see both classes continue to remain open, I guess it was a bit silly to be worried. But fortunately I’m now set for Spring 2016.

That’s all for now. I need to ask my Shakespeare professor later about the particulars of a critical short essay analyzing an article analyzing a Shakespeare play. I already begun it but it’s been a while since I’ve done essays, so I’m rusty and am a bit unsure of how to go on for 1000 words. Hopefully it would all go well and I would be able to do the later longer essays this semester. Anyway, see you!

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A month into classes and still getting used to the routine. Balancing the class readings with my own news readings is a bit challenging but I’m doing okay so far. Just need to read ahead and remember what was said. The group projects seem challenging but the group members for the Religion class seem accommodating and the teacher for the Shakespeare class reassured me groups and plays were still being decided and he would help the undecided students like myself find a group and play.

The Religion class had just got started on the sociology stuff after we went through the basics of the many world religions and we’ll really get to the discussion part. A pair would be assigned to plan and guide that day’s discussion topic. I believe mine’s sometime in October. Distance of time makes me calm about it and I think I’ll do well but I hope I’m not underestimating what difficulties might be present there. Shakespeare class is going through the plays slower than as scheduled, though the syllabus did emphasize arrangements can and would change. It leans a bit more on the lecture side and the professor obviously loves the work but he accepts discussion and seems to be a helpful sort. Both classes are a bit interesting and I’ll see where they go from here.

There was some snafus. I got in contact with a taxi service that would take me to my university. Some confusion over when they would be here were had but they proved to come within around ten or so minutes of when you want them to pick you up. Having to give directions to and from university each time might be a bit of a pain but manageable. But what really brought the snafu was the pricing. Each ride was between thirty and forty dollars, and it seems my card for the service only had a hundred or so dollars, since when they took me home Monday my card was several dollars short of the amount. Fortunately the driver and someone who worked for the service accepted just taking the remaining money but I felt guilty for not being able to pay it all. The money card’s supposed to be refilled at some interval, which my mom and I would find out by contacting the person who works with me for my disability. It turns out the price of the journey was actually twice than anticipated. Depending upon the interval, the taxi may only be used to pick me up from school twice or even once a week. I guess that’s better than nothing but it’s sad the service can’t be used often as it could be. I hope no other snafus occur with it in the future.

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Anyway, what else I can for now is that I’m watching The Big O and am enjoying it into its 2nd season which I never watched. I’m currently sitting between classes finishing up this entry and close to the end of reading Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I’ll update you all at the progress of class and fic among other matters around the time of Halloween. Until then, see you!

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 Around midmorning in a few hours, I’ll begin my new semester at my university with a class about sociology and religion and examining Shakespeare. It’s really been a while since I had a semester, since I didn’t take a summer course since I’m in the final stretch with two classes completed earlier this year, two more in these few months, and four more next year. With these last classes, I want to take my time with them rather than rushing through them in the summer, so I had an extended break. Reading through the syllabus, I’m getting the familiar trepidation around class beginnings. They do seem to like adding additional assignments with the usual work and only when start getting into the groove do they seem manageable.

For the sociology and religion class, there’s a group project (Aah!) where you have to do outside class work and do that with your group to talk to and/or observe people. Due to my leeriness of working in school group projects, interacting with others, and the transport and scheduling problems, I’m feeling the most trepidation about that. One involves some papers and a presentation. The other involves making a film and some shorter papers. Knowing my general luck with accommodating professors, though, I’m sure she would find some way to help. I’m interested in how religion affects society and vice versa, so I do look forward to this class.

For the Shakespeare class, what’s got me nervous is doing a performance. Journal entries and essays dealing with my reaction to the work and analysis studying them is exasperating but I can deal with. Performing a passage in a certain deliberate manner and having a reason for choosing that passage might be difficult. I’m not sure how to intentionally tone a passage since I’ve not played much with my voice and I wouldn’t be sure how to explain my choice without tying it to something easy to memorize and possibly do by myself (Might have to do with groups if the passage involves more than once speaker). I notice when I have to look to choose something to comment on there are moments and passages that pull to me, so most likely that would be what happens then. Shakespeare’s an English requirement and I’m admittedly not as interested in it of the two classes. But I know some scattered knowledge about Shakespeare, writing styles, and how it influences other stories, so I might have some interesting stuff to say.

The progress on my stories is going well. Still writing the first and last chapter of Past Wild Endurance, though the latter became a bit easier when I saw what the ending of a certain scene would be. Wobbling a bit through plotting Past Kingly Endurance. I’m gradually starting to see somewhat where I want to go, it’s fitting it all together with other plot points that’s the problem. Nearly done on my rewrite of Babysitter For A Day which I might have another go at, I’m on the second draft for Call of Anxiety, and I’m done with the second draft for A Young Encounter. Just need to read it over again and I’m done. Though I think I’m going to have to do what little editing I could. My mom was willing to look over Dinner With Royalty but editing is slow and she’s pretty busy, so that seemed to have been dropped. I surmise I’ll have to do my own editing in the future since she’ll likely continue being understandably pretty busy in the future.

Anyway, I’ve fallen quite far behind from what I progressed sometime in late July or August in my watching and news reading. I kind of hope being back to school would get me back on track but who knows. I might have to drop reading certain news articles in order to find time to read assignments. Hopefully I can adjust to that, since I’m used to reading everything on two websites for several years now. I also hope I can get back on a descent sleep schedule, so I would be more alert for these classes. It has been a rollercoaster even during the previous semester.

Anyway, got to go. Sleep and the beginning of the new semester to tackle. Bye!

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 Near the end of another month. Still fic writing as always. Some parts became easier while for others the difficulty level remained the same or became harder but I’m determined to finish and post something by the end of the year at the very least.

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I haven’t been seeing any movies this month. For my shows, Buddyfight has been picking up and YuGiOh Arc V remains awesome as usual. Am on the last five episodes for my Digimon reblogs and am halfway through Heartcatch Precure. I’m going to start watching Ultraman X. It’s being hosted on crunchyroll, which means episodes come out a week alter for nonmembers but it’s subtitled and I’m willing to tolerate the wait. The first episode appealed so much to my Godzilla and Kaiju loving ID, that I want to see more. The plot hinted at is interesting as well and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I do want to see Ultra Q and Ultraseven, which I owned, as well as Ultraman Leo and 80, which crunchyroll also has. Maybe that would happen after I finish marathoning through Power Rangers. I do like my kaiju action, so that’ll be a treat.

That’s all for this month. My new semester starts on the very last day of August, and I’ll see how that would change my personal schedule. Anyway, see you!

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Nearing the end of another month and I’m still progressing through my five or so writing projects.

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And that’s all of my writing updates. Vacation is going as expected. My watch schedule for the Hunters arc of Digimon Xros Wars and Heartcatch Precure seems to be becoming wobbly again. Now taking two hours to watch through and comment on an episode is a lucky day indeed. Composing the comments are always the holdup, with trying to find the right scene to comment on and right turn of phrase to use in that comment. I’m more seriously considering dropping the photoset number down after Smile, as it’s hard to manage time with this. It doesn’t mean I’d stop liveblogging, I’m saving some posts for the original Godzilla movie whenever time opens up. That might be my next thing, doing it for kaiju movies.

I also saw Inside Out last Friday, which was fun to watch and it’s good to hear this film is rolling in the critical reviews and the money. I might see the Minions film later since I heard the reviews for it are decent, not mind blowing like Inside Out but in the adequate grade area of “C.” There’s a few other movies I want to see later this year, mostly animated though that new Star Wars one looks interesting. I can’t tell if I’m not seeing as many movies as the previous years but it feels like there are longer gaps and less of a scramble to see them.

Also have been enjoying Carranger. I’ve heard it’s a parody but so far I’m mostly rolling with its silly punches. It seems very sweetly sincere and I heard some characters go in interesting directions, so I look forward to watching the rest.

Anyway, that’s all for the month. Unless something particularly spectacular happens, I won’t update until the end of July. I hope I’m not becoming too repetitive with these posts. Until then, see you!

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 It’s near the end of the month and I seem to be settling in on my new writing priorities. As I have mentioned, I grew tired of concentrating on one project for all time, with only what little extra time to write for other fanfic projects. Plus I wanted to get to posting fanfic again, so now each day concentrates on a different fanfic project, two pages a day for each story with the exception of how much time plotting it initially takes. I’m still writing Past Wild Endurance’s last chapter, which might turn out to be its second to last chapter as I’m near the thirty page limit of these chapters. Granted, I’ve gotten as far as sixty pages in some of the later chapters but I feel closing on the immediate reactions to the victory before the final chapter concentrates fully on the aftermath would fit rather nicely with the pace of the story.

Cut for fic blabbing and anyone who might want to read them without even the slightest hint of spoilers )

So that’s all for the fics I’m working on. It might take months to finish and post something to my satisfaction but it will give me variety that I wouldn’t be bored with. If anything goes into a dull stage, at least one other story in my schedule would be in my more energized period. Will see if this schedule would be maintained by the end of June, the halfway month of 2015. I look forward to having a lot more varied writing to show myself by that time. I’d give some details then. So see you!

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 Ever since last January, I’ve been involved with reading early US literature and poetry. For the class on early US Literature, it took a few weeks to get to the first assigned book, an apparent recount of being kidnapped by American Indians. It was interesting to see the views of such a piously religious women of that time but uneasy to read the natural racism that was ubiquitous at the time. I had to stay up some nights in order to finish the book since sometimes the day would be overfilled with news readings and I had a hard time pacing my time. It was certainly foreboding of the difficulties with certain long readings to come.

For the poetry class, we read poetry books to get a handle on the styles of poetry out there and find templates to use in creating our own. Unlike fall semester’s poetry class, where I created poems based on Gamera monsters and was proud of most of them, the poetry I wrote for the spring Semester was far more mixed for me. Sometimes I would take inspiration from a fanfic or original story I hoped to write someday. Other times, I talked about the writing process. A few times, I just wrote out-and-out fanfic basically if vagueness got in the way of the poem. It was challenging and frustrating but when I revised them for the final chapbook, I found I liked those results more. Granted, a different kind of frustration came in when judging which critiques from class to use and which to discard. We would alternate between Group A and B each week to review and critique each other’s poems. This could mean 16 reviews to sort through. In class, I often write notes that sort of form a consensus of what needs to be changed and what needs to remain the same but I kind of discarded those when revision time came. I did give more weight to the professor’s critiques since, well, he’s the professor, but if my classmates had an idea for improvement that would actually improve things and there was a consensus about, I would do it.

Speaking of these critiques, they were difficult to churn out. In the fall semester, I could usually find something to suggest for improvement, even if it’s a minor grammatical error. However, with the increased number of poems and my failing to remember how I handled a similar workload in Advanced Writers Workshop, I just more and more attempted to fill the critique word limit with the anything I could note about the poem, often in the praising sense. Having to fill seven or eight out within two days has something to do with that. Fortunately, I generally got a sense of what a poem was about on the second read through, if not the first and I wasn’t spending all day parsing out the meaning. Usually in those critique sessions I summarize what the poem is about when that question is asked, to the point it was wryly commented on at points. Sometimes I pointed out strengths and weaknesses in the poem and other times I just might be silent depending on how tired or distracted I am.

Sometimes it takes a bit more reading through the assignment poem books to get a meaning figured out. There were moments where I just guessed the meaning of a poem and moved along. The point was to get a general theme and feeling of the poem book that would be discussed in class after critiquing each other’s poems.  Occasionally we would read sections to clarify the meaning. I can’t remember much about those moments and it was pretty rare I asked to clarify a certain poem. As you could tell from the big two paragraphs above, I have more memories of the workshop of the poems we created than the readings.

The early US Literature class provides a contrast. We read the Blithedale Romance and I remember thinking, with the premise a small community that’s formed to present an alternative to current society, that something horrible is going to happen. I haven’t read or watched many stories with that premise but I have the notion something bad always happens when an alternate community forms, as they seem to be often depicted as cult-like and drawn to the slippery slope of less than moral actions. A horrible event did transpire in the story but it was much less dramatic than I suspected. There’s another character that pops up throughout the story that ends up being very important and I only remembered that character after a reader’s second encounter with them. It was only later when I curiously rechecked the events of that first encounter did I realize that was the same character. I’m keeping the events of the book vague to avoid spoilers in case you want to read it but the book comes within the context of certain writing styles and movements emerging at the time and can be seen as a critique of some of them.

The other memory of note with US Literature was the ten to twelve page final essay. I could easily bang out more than twelve pages for a story single spaced depending upon the length of the paragraphs and the number of dialogue moments that take place. For an essay of that length, even double-spaced, it’s much more of a struggle. In the fall semester I had to write an essay 1.5 space concerning a poem and I half had no idea what I was rambling about before I came to tie it all together and revised it at the end. I got a good grade from that, so I must have done something right. I sort of did the same thing for the early US Literature essay. I picked out sources and had an idea of how to compare and contrast Anne Bradstreet and Phillis Wheatley in the context of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation when it comes to writing. But halfway through the essay I ran out of material. At a loss, I just continued writing out whatever came to mind, tying in race and gender for the authors and how they related to intrinsic and extrinsic writers, before trying to tie things up neatly as I could with a conclusion.

A second draft would of course be needed and the critiques came from a classmate. I couldn’t read his writing though. Granted, I have had trouble reading the professor’s writing and it’s been a while since I read handwriting, being used to reading critiques and class-related messages on a computer. So I had to exchange a few emails with this critique partner to clear the basic gist of his message – the basic structure is fine but the noted areas needed some elaboration. For example, explaining the context of a quote. Once I got down to that, things got a bit simpler and the essay was spruced up but I’ll have to see if a similar good grade would be incoming with the work I did there.

That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Admittedly, there was less recount of specific moments than I was thinking would come to mind but this is becoming long enough as it is. I do tend to rambling generalities unless I really plan my statements beforehand. I probably won’t update until the end of the month as I concentrate fully on my writing priorities. I might make that update on those writing priorities when it happens. Hopefully these past few entries have fully caught up about my actions for the last few months and what I plan to do. I hope when I look back on these entries, I would have some idea of what was going on at the time and what I was talking about. Until then, see you!

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 For what I have been up to the last several months, I’ve been struggling to keep up with my usual watches. The work for classes could get so intensive that I would be up long hours. Even when I struck out my usual writing schedules, sometimes coming up with something to say for a school assignment could take a while. I eventually started only writing every ten or so Tumblr posts in the last few weeks, which has put me quite behind on the watching department. Hopefully I would be able to slowly catch up in the next coming month or two so. The shows I watched on the weekend now take up just one day, so week by week I could gradually catch up.

I’ve been watching the usual programs. I’m slowly ticking off the small backlog for shows like Atop the Fourth Wall and Last Week Tonight since there’s now time to watch these shows now I cut down on Tumblr posting. I might even be able to clean through the Tokuladies podcast episodes by the end of next week. That would leave me time to see non franchise shows like Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing among others I’m vaguely planning to watch. I would like to give shows that are usually standalone a chance after all. I’m currently stalled with how to fit Power Rangers Dino Thunder on and my monster movies into the mix. Time might open up for them once I catch up and watching the weekend Melissa Harris Perry show takes its usual two hours instead of four. By the time classes for me begin in the fall, I should be caught up and on track and my classwork won’t interfere with my watching and writing schedules like before. This is a vague hope but one I want to cling to.

That leaves the liveblogging of Digimon and Pretty Cure in an interesting position. Within a few weeks I’ll finish Xros Wars and Fresh, leaving Hunters and Heartcatch as technically the last pair. Since Hunters is part of Xros Wars and is half as long, that means the last half of Heartcatch would be liveblogged back to back. This leaves liveblogging the rest of the Pretty Cure series in an interesting bind. Do I continue no matter how long the franchise goes on or do I stop at a certain point? It would be sad to do so but liveblogging takes a lot of time and I’m thinking vaguely of doing some liveblogging of, Godzilla, Gamera, and other monster movies. I’ve been vaguely itching to do so for a while. If I do ever stop liveblogging Pretty Cure, Smile would end up as the final series for me. For DokiDoki on, I could just make a single post leaving my impressions of the episode, with at most a photo or two that represents the events there. Seeing these Cure series mostly for the first time would be fun. I have some idea what happens in each of them but not totally and this time I want to be surprised. So those extreme few who check out this journal, don’t spoil me!

Rewatching Xros Wars at least has given me a refresher on the Digimon series I’m getting most ideas for at least and doing the same for Godzilla and Gamera several months from now would hopefully do the same. I do want to write that story about how Godzilla and Anguirus became friends in the Showa continuity as well as the sequel story for Gamera the Brave. With Land Before Time nostalgia enveloping me, I might later this year set aside time to watch the movies and TV series before I actually start writing a story I’m having in mind that might be titled “We Shall Hold On, Forever.” That tale has been twitching in my mind off and on for years and I would like to know my canon before I really start writing. Granted, said canon isn’t always consistent but I have a few ideas on how to explain those away and they would be quite fun. The new 14th LBT movie coming out might throw some wrenches into the plan but I’ll see the film and take its events into account when I do. I might consider liveblogging that as well but tentatively it might only take place on the weekends. The only snag would be me seeing if I could track down English subtitles for at least some of them since a lot of liveblogging relies on this to communicate the context scene effectively. Either that, or I would have to type the dialogue by hand. I’m certain the TV series doesn’t have English subs. Oh well. I’ll tackle that when it comes.

That’s all for today. Might come in with another update tomorrow on what I have been up to and any specific events of the semester since I now talked about what I’m watching or plan to watch. Despite my talk about the work that interfered with my usual routine, some interesting and notable things did happen. I like noting down these things so when I look back in this journal they would jog my memory. Until then, see you!

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 As I get back on my writing and watching schedule after schoolwork pushed me to being a month behind, there might be some changes for me. As I test out reblogging only a few Tumblr posts while listening Democracy Now and MSNBC shows, I’m going to see if I could alternate my writing projects. Hopefully I could go back to writing two pages a day for my varying stories. For one or two days, I might finish the last chapter of Past Wild Endurance while on another day rewriting its plot. A few other days could be concentrated on finishing the one shots which I have been working on for a bit and looking them over so I could actually start posting fanfic again on a semiregular basis. I’ve been tired of years going by before I can post something again and my long fic might take a bit to finish, I want to get some of my shorter stories out there. I have a few shorter tales I had yet to right and have been churning in my head in a while or merely need some sprucing up that I have yet to post.

For example, that fic I wrote where Shoutmon and company meet Taiki’s mom has been finished technically but needs going over to make sure the characterization is to my satisfaction and there are enough amusing and endearing bonding moments. With a few days put aside, I could do a lookover before deciding to post. As noted in the notes for the few fanfic I posted, I noted my mom helped edit them and smooth the wording over. However, with how constantly busy she currently is, I would have to try my best to do the editing. This would be a trial and error process but I hope I would be able to do spot my own mistakes when the months and years start to build up.

I will still be working on the plot of my original stories. They won’t be forgotten. I’m even doing a bit of writing on the beginning of one of my monster stories. I’ve come to want to write stories in the style of Godzilla and Gamera. Though I want to publish some other original tales first, I have the sense they would take a lot more research to do before I complete them than the monster tales. I would spend the next week or two to concentrate on the monster ones but when time passes that would probably be only done whenever time opens up. I’m trying to get back to my original ways. Maybe if I could I could change in some ways to accommodate that writing priority. I know that can sound weird but I’m the habitual sort and it takes a while for me to alter my daily routine.

Anyway, that’s probably what my writing schedule would look like a week or two from now. For the next blog post, I might talk about what I’m watching or will watch. But the subject might be something else, who knows. I would have to see when I post tomorrow. Anyway, until then, see you!

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 It’s the day after spring semester ended and I’m quite glad I won’t have to resume my busy schooling until at least late August. I might do some job or internship but other than that I have a lot of free time that has opened up to me. The final stretch of classes swallowed every seconds of my writing of one sort or another. Hopefully then I would be able to get back on my usual watching and writing schedule like early last year. I’m going to try again changing my Tumblr reblogging routine where I only reblog fandom stuff and posts that need to be signal boosted, and could possibly do that while listening to certain programs. That way, I would have even more writing and watching time. I’m at the moment writing miscellaneous things here or there but I hope to get back to a writing pattern by the end of next week.

I’m probably going to update this journal more in the next couple of days to catch up on my usual journal postings. They would probably detail how I might change my writing patterns and what I have been otherwise up to or plan to be up to. Until then, see you!

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 I don’t know if I’m still adapting to the new routine or if I just can’t adjust to squeezing my usual watching, reading, and writing around my classwork. Whatever the case, my sleep schedule has been all over the place often to the point I’m technically shaving off a day of the week where otherwise I could be doing something on that day. True, this has been the situation before, usually on the weekend where I sleepcrash on Saturdays but now I have to stay up for two days more than once in order to get my usual routine done. I still get mindblocks when planning liveblogs, which often contribute to this time extension but I don’t want to give up halfway between the shows. I’m just too much of a completionist. I think I might take the upcoming Spring Break off to concentrate on the 2 Precure movies that pretty much couldn’t be fitted on weekends but I really need to get my act together when it comes to my interests and my education. I’m not sure if saying that would lead to anything fruitful but I feel like I have to say it.

 Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom. I’m a few pages away from the end of the 2nd to last chapter of Past Wild Endurance. Within a week or 2 it’s all action from here. For the Adventure/Tamers crossover, I might be finally be moving on from the first battle. I wouldn’t be posting either right away, since the former needs revision for plot changes and the latter due to any details and changes Tri might bring. But I’m contemplating when I’m done with these two major fics, I might alternate to a different one per day like my original fics. For example, I replot Past Wild Endurance on Monday, write a one-shot one Tuesday and Wednesday, plot another long fic on Thursday, and so on and so forth. I’m a bit uncertain there since progress on the longer fics would take forever and I would hate to barely get any content out due to a bigger slowdown. On the other hand, more 1 shot fics posted…I guess I’ll have to think about that when the time comes.

On brighter sides, I’ve gotten back into Power Rangers with Dino Charge. It’s been pretty good so far, plot and character wise. I don’t know if I’ll catch up on Samurai and Megaforce eventually, the completionist I am, but I’ll hopefully be sticking around for this. Which means balancing my limited watch time with the backlog of podcasts, with only under 2 to fully catch up on fortunately, and other shows like Atop the 4rth Wall and Last Week Tonight. I hope I could finish Last Exile and resume watching miscellaneous anime and Super SEntai in the future, but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope anyone whose reading this is having a wonderful day and that my entries decrease in their defeated tone in the future. See you next month!

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 Welp, I guess I probably won’t be posting a fic a month after all. I’ve readjusted my personal schedule a week before semester started and I’ve cut down Tumblring to a hour or two. This means I can’t finish oneshots that could be finished and posted within a month, all the while dusting off stories I finished but never edited and then seeing if I would like to post them. Which sucks, since there a story about Shoutmon meeting Taiki’s Mom I was writing and somewhat enjoying. The idea had been nagging me sometimes around the end of Hunters and I would have liked to get it to fruition. Oh well, it depends upon how well I adjust to my semester schedule.

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